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【JAPANFes】 We would love you to join our festival! Hello Asian KIng, This is JAPANFes. I'm writing this message because we would like you to join JAPANFes as a vendor. What is JAPANFes? …Street Food Festival themed JAPAN in New York City ≫Website: https://www.japanfes.com/ ☆average attendance ☞10,000 customers /day ☆average food sales ☞500 pieces /day (max record 995 pieces) ☆average food price ☞$10 (max record $49) ◇◆Our Specialty◆◇ -Influencer Marketing- We invite influencers to the events and they are going to post many pictures of your products to promote them. ≫≫https://www.japanfes.com/influencer-marketing ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Don't miss the Final Early Bird 10% OFF! ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Apply for over 10 times ≫by Feb 29th≪ If you need further information, please visit our website below And d

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Hi, I wanted to find out if you are open for lunch and if you offer any lunch specials or catering deals to businesses in the area? Can you use more lunch business or catering orders? We do a program for many restaurants where we help increase your lunch business and catering orders from nearby offices in the area! (Medical offices, schools, small and large office complexes) It is a short program. Based on a (5) week period (so no long term contracts, judge us by the results) What we do is send your lunch specials or catering offers to nearby businesses, right before lunch! We only send your specials to businesses in the area who ask us to send them your specials! Businesses who want to see your specials! We have a marketing team who physically call every business we can (within a 1-5 mile radius) of the restaurant and ask them… ~ If they have heard of the restaurant? ~ If they know, where you are located? ~ If they would like us to send them over a m

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创视广告印刷公司提供专业排版,印刷一条龙服务。本公司力求每一种产品都质量优先,每一份设计都让您满意。我们的优势就是优惠的价格,更是周到的服务。每一个细节都仔细跟进,为您提供最好品质的产品。 明星产品:一条龙服务邮寄菜单业务,将您的菜单寄到每家每户!全美最低价!我们提供最专业的服务,为您量身定做传单!为了您的生意财源滚滚,我们必然竭尽全力! 各类印刷产品:堂吃菜单,外卖菜单,过塑菜单,礼券,名片,明信片,透明以及各色贴纸,联单收据,冰箱贴,各类工服,海报,等 ️:917-668-6061 We chat: VisionaryPD