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John Healy

Good Day, I hope this message finds you well. My name is John and I’m reaching out to you from the Postmates Corporate Office in Nashville, TN. We have been trying to reach out to you this year about partnering with us, but nothing was ever finalized. I'm the new manager for your area, I would like to connect with you and introduce myself. Here is a brief overview of Postmates, and what you can expect when partnering with us: • Over 7 Million Deliveries a Month Nationwide • No hidden fees • Full control over Menu, Store Hours, and Pricing • Free tablet for smooth order taking and communication • No Contract - cancel anytime without penalty if it's not working out • 24/7 Support Line • Dedicated Account Manager • Free exposure to Thousands of users in New York I have a very special introductory offer just for you to consider! I'd like to discuss this with you and what you expect from us so we can make this partnership make sense for you. What

John Healy

Hi , My name is John and I target specific categories to offer customers/subscribers for Postmates, the nation's largest and fastest-growing on demand delivery service. We're looking for great local staples to feature on Postmates. To meet customer demand, we are looking to add a few more options on Postmates. Based on feedback we've heard about your brand, we think you would do incredibly well on the platform. I would love to get 10-15 minutes of one of your team member's time to discuss some ways we can send you new business. I'm approved to offer discounted rates across specific categories because we're confident they will do well on Postmates based on past performance. When do you have time for a quick call? Best, John

Brenda Francis

Hi, I am Brenda, hope you are doing well! Would you be interested in using our newly updated database which can help you to access Telecommunications Industry Buyers with complete contact details including valid & verified email addresses across USA, Canada and Australia? I can provide few Sample Records for your reference. Telecommunications Industry Titles/Functions: • Telecommunications Engineers/Specialists/Managers • Telecommunications Administrator and Researcher • Network Manager and Telecom Technician • Telecommunications & Support Personnel • Telecom Project Managers/Field Manager • Telecom Equipment & Infrastructure Personnel • Data Analysts and Data Scientists • Equipment Installers and Repairers • Documentation System Specialist • Hardware Designer/Electronic Designer • Quality Training Specialist/Contract Administrator • Network Designer/Product Manager • Radio Frequency Engineer/Scurity Managers • Chief Security Offic


Hello This is Tony, do u serve Teriyaki and Shrimp and how much is it per person and do u accept credit card as payment!!! Please get back to me because i would like to make an order for 120 people so get back to me with the total price.