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You are the best!!!! Very friendly and a lot of choices of food for everyone!!! Staff is GREAT!!!!!!!


Hello do you have a catering menu that you can send me? Thank you

Kyle Keller

Hi, I wanted to find out if you are open for lunch and if you offer any lunch specials or catering deals to businesses in the area? Can you use more lunch business or catering orders? We do a program for many restaurants where we help increase your lunch business and catering orders from nearby offices in the area! (Medical offices, schools, small and large office complexes) It is a short program. Based on a (5) week period (so no long term contracts, judge us by the results) What we do is send your lunch specials or catering offers to nearby businesses, right before lunch! We only send your specials to businesses in the area who ask us to send them your specials! Businesses who want to see your specials! We have a marketing team who physically call every business we can (within a 1-5 mile radius) of the restaurant and ask them… ~ If they have heard of the restaurant? ~ If they know, where you are located? ~ If they would like us to send them over a m

John Healy

Good Day, I hope this message finds you well. My name is John and I’m reaching out to you from the Postmates Corporate Office in Nashville, TN. We have been trying to reach out to you this year about partnering with us, but nothing was ever finalized. I'm the new manager for your area, I would like to connect with you and introduce myself. Here is a brief overview of Postmates, and what you can expect when partnering with us: • Over 7 Million Deliveries a Month Nationwide • No hidden fees • Full control over Menu, Store Hours, and Pricing • Free tablet for smooth order taking and communication • No Contract - cancel anytime without penalty if it's not working out • 24/7 Support Line • Dedicated Account Manager • Free exposure to Thousands of users in New York I have a very special introductory offer just for you to consider! I'd like to discuss this with you and what you expect from us so we can make this partnership make sense for you. What